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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to re-register with the new ePDMP if I already have a PDMP account?
How do I obtain a username and password to access the ePDMP?
How do I register as a delegate?
Can delegates assign themselves to a provider?
I didn’t receive an email after I registered. What do I do?
Why has my account not been approved?
I have entered my password numerous times and I am sure that it is correct, but I’m receiving a message that my username/password is incorrect. Why is this happening?
It says “my username or password isn’t correct” when I try to login.
What information can be found in the ePDMP?

Creating a Healthcare User Account

Delegate Registration & Management

Data Submitter Registration

How do I search for a patient?

Submitting Law Enforcement Alerts for Agencies

Reviewing Law Enforcement Alerts for Healthcare Users

For Technical Support Issues

NIC Wisconsin
Phone: (608) 250-4606

For Policy Issues

Department of Safety and Professional Services
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Phone: (608) 266-0011
PO Box 8366
Madison WI, 53708-8366

Support Documents

1. Data Submitter Reference Guide
2. Healthcare Professional Registration Guide
3. Delegate Management Guide
4. Healthcare Professionals FAQ
5. Law Enforcement User Guide
6. Gov/ME User Guide
7. Medical Coordinator Guide
8. Healthcare Professional LE Alerts