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Do I need to re-register with the new ePDMP if I already have a PDMP account?

The ePDMP is a new system and everyone must register for a new account.

How do I obtain a username and password to access the ePDMP?

Visit and click "Register". Please review the User Guide for specific information on how to register.

How do I register as a delegate?

Delegates do not register themselves. A prescriber or pharmacist can add you as a delegate. You will receive an email when this happens and you should follow the email link to complete your registration.

Can delegates assign themselves to a provider?

No, only a master account holder such as a prescriber or pharmacist can search for and add delegates.

I didn't receive an email after I registered. What do I do?

Check your spam filters to determine if it was flagged as spam. You want to configure your spam filters to allow emails from and

Why has my account not been approved?

State administrators manage the approval of non-WI licensed user accounts. If you have questions about the current status of your account (pending approval, rejected or deactivated), please contact the PDMP administrators. Email: Phone: 608-266-0011

I have entered my password numerous times and I am sure that it is correct, but I'm receiving a message that my username/password is incorrect. Why is this happening?

Please go to the link 'Forgot Password' and you will be able to reset your password using the email address that you entered on registration. If you reset your password and you are still receiving the message, please call (608-250-4606) or email for assistance.

It says "my username or password isn't correct" when I try to login.

Please be sure that you have registered for the new ePDMP. If you have registered in the new system, be sure that you've received an email asking you to confirm your registration. If you haven't received that email, find it in your email inbox and click on the Register button. If you have completed that step, make sure that you are typing in your username and password correctly. If you still can't login, try resetting your password. If you still can't login after completing the above steps call (608-250-4606) or email for assistance.

What information can be found in the ePDMP?

The WI ePDMP contains data about schedule II-V controlled substance prescriptions and prescription drugs identified by the Controlled Substances Board for having a substantial potential for abuse that are reported by pharmacies that dispense in Wisconsin, including out-of-state pharmacies. The WI ePDMP ensures that the critical information it stores is timely, accurate, and thoughtfully displayed for all of users of the program.

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