ePDMP Integration Services Offerings

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Since 2017, healthcare systems have been connecting to the Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) to give their users one-click access to monitored prescription drug history reports about their patients. In addition to the efficient access to critical data about patients’ controlled substance usage histories, the ePDMP integration services provide many benefits, including:

  • A secure authentication process between the electronic health record system and the ePDMP
  • Access to the same analytics, data visualizations, and other features of the ePDMP patient report from within an electronic health record
  • Assured compliance with State laws and regulations that require a review of the patient reports provided by the ePDMP

What is the Difference Between the Standard and Enhanced Services?

Users at healthcare systems who elect to receive enhanced services will be able to access more of the features available on the WI ePDMP website that are not currently available through an integrated connection. Specifically, the following table lists each of the major functionalities of the WI ePDMP system and indicates which services are available through the standard and enhanced integration services:

Standard Services

Screen snippets of the single click patient feature  

Single-Click patient query

Both levels of integration services empower healthcare providers to quickly and efficiently access a patient’s monitored prescription drug history report from within their EHR system to minimize the time required to satisfy State and healthcare system requirements to review the information.

Ability to query additional states

Both of the ePDMP integration service offerings enable healthcare professionals to query for data from additional states. In conjunction with the Department of Safety and Professional Services, we anticipate the list of additional states to continue to expand.

Multiple states being highlighted to show ability to search outside of Wisconsin  
Screenshot of a user creating an alert for a patient  

Add alert or note to patient report

All healthcare providers access and interact with the same monitored prescription drug history report. The report enables prescribers to enter alerts about patients and review alerts from other prescribers and law enforcement agencies.

Ability to manage delegates

Healthcare providers are required to maintain oversight over the actions of their delegates within the ePDMP. Both levels of integration services empower healthcare providers to add new and manage existing delegates without having to log-into the ePDMP website.

Screenshot of a user managing delegates within the software  

Enhanced Services

Ability to edit a patient query

Users at healthcare systems that elect to receive enhanced ePDMP integration services will be able to refine the search criteria sent by the EHR system to search for additional relevant results based on nicknames, aliases, or other known names.

Someone modifying someone's name to find a better match  
Screenshot of the patient query screen  

Ability to perform additional patient queries

The ePDMP enhanced  integration services allow users to query for additional patients during their session launched from within their EHR. This gives providers the ability to maximize their limited time accessing data by accommodating new workflows already in use around the State.

Access to Patients Panel (prescribers only)

The Patients Panel contains a snapshot of vital information about patients to whom the prescriber has recently prescriber a controlled substance. Some of the information it contains is: each patient’s current milligram morphine equivalency (MME) opioid consumption, current alert counts, and other data.

Need an alt  
Example of the dashboard metrics  

Access to Prescriber Metrics (prescribers only)

Prescribers have one-click access to the self-assessment and practice management tool, Prescriber Metrics, that provides them with information about their own controlled substances prescribing practices and how they compare to others in their specialty.

Access usage history reports

The enhanced integration services allow users to quickly and efficiently review their own and their delegates’ use of the ePDMP to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and healthcare system policies.

Visual of audit search function  
Visuals representing account management, user profile, support documentation and additonal resources  

Access user profile and other resources

Users at healthcare systems that elect to receive enhanced ePDMP integration services will be able to self-help by accessing the same intuitive account management and user profile functionalities available on the ePDMP website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do if my healthcare system is interested in connecting to the ePDMP?

Review and sign the standard “ePDMP Monthly Account Holder Registration Agreement” available here: Subscription Agreement. You will indicate which​ ePDMP Integration services you would like your healthcare systems’ users to receive.

Does the choice in services change the amount of development and technical work my health system will need to complete?

No. Your health system will need to develop the same connection to the ePDMP regardless of the level of integration services selected. This also means that you may change the level of integration services your healthcare system’s users receive without making any technical changes.

How often can my health system switch between the levels of services?

Healthcare systems may switch services as frequently as monthly. The health system will be charged based on the pricing structure for the number of standard and enhanced queries performed during the month. For example, a health system would be charged $3,100 if its users​ received standard services for 10 days of the month and performed 1,000 queries (Standard Tier 2 = $1,000) and received enhanced services for 21 days and performed 7,000 queries (Enhanced Tier 3 = $2,100)​.

How do I make changes in the level of integration services for my health system after?

Complete the form (https://appengine.egov.com/apps/wi/pdmp/monthlyaccountholderagreement)​​ to change your selection and receive an updated amendment to your subscription agreement.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

​Please contact NIC Wisconsin at PDMPSupport@egov.com or 608-250-4606 if you have additional questions.

How much do the​ ePDMP Integration services cost?

For more information, please visit the pricing page for more information.